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Don’t let the dogs have all the fun and reward your cat today with our range of cat snacks

Originally we set out to produce a range of pet treats focused on dogs. It became clear to us right away that Cats could just as easily enjoy our range as we add nothing that Cats would have any issues with.

Just 1 ingredient products that have been slowly air-dried to preserve them. No sprays or chemicals just 100% Australian meat or fish. After we had this idea we started testing our products with the feline community and through our farmers markets to great success! Cats can be very fussy so we knew this would be challenging however we got some really positive feedback and purring Cats!
On this page you will find a selection of cat treats that have been successfully enjoyed by Cats, even the fussy ones. Also a great way to start the kittens on our range of treats to help them to start early with teeth cleaning and not allowing them to not get too fussy early on in life. We feel our kitten treats and cat treats will be loved by your feline!
Discounts available when you order items in larger sizes. The more you buy, the more you save so stock up today and take advantage of our FREE shipping offer!
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