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It’s time to shop for your favourite all natural, Australian dog treats online!
In this section we have all kinds of Australian dog treats online to suit any dogs palate. We have focused on a few core principles when providing you with a great choice of all natural dog treats.
Our products are made to a human consumption level to keep them FREE of any nasty preservatives, steroids or additives. No chemicals or sprays are used before or after the drying method. It’s 100% naturally air and freeze-dried over several days to ensure the products retain their high nutritional value and quality. 100% Australian, sourced from Victoria and packaged in Sydney.
Although our products are not yet certified organic, you can rest assure it’s of that standard. Our products are free-range, grass-fed animals. No synthetic chemicals, hormones, pesticides or additives are used to make our products. Even cats love them!
Discounts available when you order items in larger sizes. The more you buy, the more you save so stock up today and take advantage of our FREE shipping offer!
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