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Now is the time to get premium Australian Dog Treats for your business

We have a wide selection of Australian dog treats that are ready to ship internationally. All our treats are dried at a human grade standard, chemical-free, single ingredient products with no fillers or preservatives used.

We are very excited to offer our hugely popular Australian Dog Treats to customers worldwide. You will find plenty of reasons why your business can benefit from exporting our dog treats on this page so please don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions or to request an export brochure via email. 

Kangaroo is not farmed, naturally grass-fed and very lean.
It really is a super protein to help boost dogs nutrition, especially for those sensitive stomachs.

Why buy Australian dog treats?

Our Australian Dog Treats are made to a human consumption level to keep them FREE of any nasty preservatives, steroids or additives. No chemicals or sprays are used before or after the drying method and it’s 100% naturally air and freeze-dried over several days to ensure the products retain their high nutritional value. Grass-fed, un-farmed Kangaroo’s populate the land in Australia making them the ultimate un-tainted protein for dogs digestion. Our clean oceans also help us to sustainably source high quality fish products again to boost dogs nutrition and enrich their body’s with omega 3’s and glucosamine.
All our dog treats are from free-range, grass-fed animals. No synthetic chemicals, hormones, pesticides or additives are used to make our dog treats and even cats love them! 

Kangaroo is low in cholesterol and fat and high in protein and minerals. It’s the only allergen–free meat protein pet treat. As certified by the Australian Government/CSIRO, Kangaroo has the lowest fat content among all meat treats (less than 2%) and the highest level of anti oxidants NEARLY 5x more than any other treat.

Where do you ship?

Our products are made from raw on order which means you will receive the freshest, longest expiry products specifically for your business requirements. We currently have the approved export permits and health certificates to ship to the following countries:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea
USA (Excluding California)
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