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Let me start off as usual by saying that we use our blog as a tool to research and communicate with our audience on information we find out to help educate our understanding of improving your dogs health. There is so much information out there these days and a lot of it contradicting each other. Where to start??

There is plenty of blogs and articles out there telling you the top 10 list of bad dog food ingredients or top 5 preservatives to stay away from, so we won’t do that. But what I will do is share what we are currently testing as a natural preservative because if we are going to have one, we might as well have the best one (in our opinion!)

How to Naturally Preserve a Dog Treat

Over the last 6 months we have been researching a new product to bring to our range of natural dog treats. With our product reach growing every month, especially in international markets we have seen a rise in the demands with retailers wanting a longer expiry date yet still keeping the product 100% natural. Sounds like a contradiction right..? Correct it is but not impossible. We have been researching this intensely in 2019 and would like to share something with you on whether naturally preserving a dog treat is possible or just clever marketing.

So can you really naturally preserve a dog treat….?

The reason for needing a preservative in the first place is the oxidation of fat and oils in foods which can cause colour change, rancidity, moisture and mould. Nobody wants that especially our dogs! To help maintain the freshness and shelf life of product there is an alternative to synthetic antioxidants, such as BHT, BHA and TBHQ.

So let me summarise the facts we have now learn’t about the Natural Vitamin E preservative called Mixed Tocopherols we believe can really naturally preserve a dog treat.

What Are Mixed Tocopherols?
Mixed Tocopherols are a preservative used in human and dog food to help minimise and prevent spoilage. Tocopherols are effective preservatives as they can inhibit the oxidation of fats which would cause them to go rancid.

Mixed Tocopherols are a type of E Vitamins that are found in oils, vegetables and nuts. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association mentions that Mixed Tocopherols are a By-product of the soybean industry. They also imply that just because they are a by-product, they shouldn’t be dismissed or feared.

Tocopherols are often touted as a superior or preferred preservative for dog food as they are more “natural” and can provide some health from the vitamins they consist of.

To summarise they are a natural antioxidant and vitamin E source that is used to slow the oxidation process of fats and oils in order to maintain freshness.

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