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  • Kangaroo is low in fat and high in protein and minerals. It’s the only allergen–free meat protein pet treat. As certified by the Australian Government/CSIRO, Kangaroo has the lowest fat content among all meat treats (less than 2%) and the highest level of anti oxidants NEARLY 5x more than any other treat.

  • We guarantee no chemicals, fillers, preservatives or additives are added to our products reducing the risks to your dog with inflammatory issues, skin conditions, digestion problems or allergies.

  • Our 96 hour slow heat & cooling method keeps the nutrition virtually the same as RAW whilst having the convenience of your dog enjoying our treats on the carpet of your home with no mess or out and about in your pocket with no issues!

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That’s right you heard it here first. We will add a free bag of dog treats to your order regardless the order size. Once you make your order with us we’ll carefully pack everything securely and make sure we add a free dog treat to the box.
We really appreciate all our customers and especially the four legged, hungry kind! Our way of saying thank you as your dog deserves to eat better quality treats and you deserve to get a high quality service and value for money.