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Do you know what ingredients are in your dog treats and where they come from?

Research shows that reducing excess fillers, GMO’s and preservatives has major health benefits for your pets. As a result this can assist in reducing skin irritations and allergies therefore resulting in a happier, healthier dog. It’s really quite simple and the results of your pet having an un-processed diet is easy to do you just need to be educated on what to look out for.

First of all we always recommend buying Australian. This is not to say that imported ingredients are not good just that buying Australian means you can better track where they have come from and what processes they have been through. The further an ingredient has travelled, the more likely the nutritional content will be lower and preservatives/chemicals may have been used. We also support Aussie farmers/fisherman and they in turn support our business.
Secondly, regardless of what type of product you have, the first 5 ingredients should be real. Yes I know surprising you need to look for this but it happens a lot where the branding of a pet product might use words like ‘100% natural’ or ‘real ingredients’ but this can just be clever wording and you will be lucky to get 1 real or natural ingredient in there! Do your research and learn about the product you are buying and where it comes from. Put it this way, as sad as it is, our dogs are only with us for a short time and you would much rather a full, energetic and healthy life together PLUS low Vet bills would be a bonus too!
To summarise; buy Australian, check there is a low ingredient count, learn about how the business sources it’s ingredients and check there is limited preservatives, sprays and chemicals and if possible….. NONE! Here’s to a happy, healthy dog who loves you for feeding them better, Woof!
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