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  • Omega Cakes Packaging Front - all barks dog treats

    Omega Cakes

    Each Omega Cake is produced from 100% Australian minced whitefish fillet and sits perfectly in-between your dogs paws while they do their best to rip through the crunchy outside that helps work their teeth and gums. Once they get inside a softer chewy surprise is waiting for them. * Order 5+ bags of Omega Cakes or mix any 5 products from our Taste of Australia range and get FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE
  • shark cartilage chews - dog treats

    Shark Cartilage

    Our shark cartilage is perfect for looking after dogs teeth and gums. It’s packed full of antioxidants, omega 3 and glucosamine for joint health and recovery.  * Free Shipping applies to this product. Check out our shipping policy here FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE  or view our other BULK DOG TREATS.