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Below you will find a list of stores, services and online shops that stock All Barks Dog Treats making it easier to find us whatever your location or shopping method.

Our goal is to have All Barks treats available in every state throughout Australia and internationally. We will continue to add each store or service here on this page as we build awareness of our products making it easier to purchase our dog treats wherever you may be.

IGA Ainslie Supermarket

9-11 Edgar St, Ainslie, Canberra, ACT, 2602
02 6248 5777 | [email protected]

‘Ainslie IGA’s main focus is on personalised service and seasonal, sustainable and healthy products, whilst providing all the traditional staples and products needed for a busy family home. The newly refurbished supermarket showcases a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, a wide variety of homemade dips, breads and sweets, as well hosting a full service delicatessen, an in-house butcher and of course, the recently refurbished Ainslie Cellars next door.’

Potts Point Veterinary Hospital

Lower Level 36 Bayswater Road, Potts Point, NSW, 2011
02 8097 0060 | [email protected]

‘At Potts Point Veterinary Hospital, you can bring your pet in for spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and professional grooming and have those services provided for you all in the same day. We offer general practice, internal medicine, dentistry, anaesthesia, intensive care, surgery, pathology, radiology, ophthalmology, microbiology, dermatology, cardiology, pharmacology, behavioural training, theriogenology, pain management, palliative care, and dog treats!’

Paddo Pets

441 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW, 2021
02 9380 2021 | [email protected]

‘8 years ago Sharon McCarthy established Paddo Pets to bring a local little piece of paradise for pets and she has been delighted by the response of her customers. Many will just come to chat about their pet, or suggest items they think she should stock. The store has grown with a grooming salon, puppy school and shop selling dog treats, toys and accessories. Good customer service is the ethos of Paddo Pets. As a team they strive to provide a positive and friendly customer service.’

Good Pet Food Kitchen

Based in: Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
Visit us: goodpetfoodkitchen.com.au
02 8084 1643 | [email protected]

‘Our goal is simple. To increase the quality and length of our animal companions lives through real food that they LOVE to eat. Our approach to canine and feline nutrition is the same as how we feed ourselves, highest quality ingredients prepared to retain maximum goodness and flavour with nothing artificial. Made with love and care to human standards. Our Bondi Kitchen prepares beautiful, nutritionally balanced meals daily and then refrigerates and freezes them at the correct temperatures to ensure the highest quality is delivered to your pets.’

Nine Paws

Based in: Hong Kong
Visit us: ninepaws.co
Message us: facebook.com/nine.paws
Email us: [email protected]

‘Nine Paws believes in a life lived well. We are pet owners – a collective of like-minded girls and guys – who want to enable people to reflect their own personalities in the way they interact with their pets.
We know the world is a hectic place. So much happens every day. Things change all the time. But our pets are a constant; an anchor to happiness. They bring us joy with the simplest of actions; a lick, a wag, a turn of their head. Our pets deserve the best we can provide in return for those priceless moments.Even more than this, our pets are conduits. Conduits to exploration, traversing physical spaces – long walks in the hills, finding cool small coffee shops in the city as well as everything and everywhere in between. Conduits to relationships – sharing something in common with thousands of people in Hong Kong and millions around the world.’

Dog Gear

Based in: Sydney, Australia
Visit Us: doggear.com.au
Email us: [email protected]

‘Dog training and safety products.’

Matcky Barks

Based in: Hong Kong
Visit Us: Matcky Barks Facebook Shop
Email us: [email protected]

‘MatckyBarks was established as a natural and carefully selected high-quality dog snack for both dogs in the family. Selection from Australia, Japan and other countries have always stressed the quality assurance.’

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