Where to begin….

On a hot summers day back in 2010 the door opened and in ran what I can only describe as a wild beast. He came tearing past my wife and I, jumped onto the sofa and bounced off the walls before nearly crashing through the back door and into the garden! What had we got ourselves into…..

Despite the bad first impression, the soppy face & cheeky nature must of appealed to my good side that day as after the first meeting we couldn’t say no and decided right there and then he needed to be part of our family. His name is Tintin and now at the time of writing this, is about to turn 10 and what a journey it has been. I reckon I could fill a whole book with the amount of trouble he has gotten himself into over the years!

Tintin has been the inspiration behind All Barks and the reason we made a decision as a family to always look to source the best quality ingredients and products for him. It really was the catalyst for where All Barks is today. An international dog treat company with distributors in over 5 countries spreading the message of making dog owners aware of the little changes needed to make a huge difference to your dogs health. We want to share more of our story every month and keep anyone who will listen interested with the latest info on nutrition, products, All Barks, reviews and some funny Tintin stories along the way!

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