All Barks Ambassador

EARN 15%… HOW?

We all know everyone loves a discount code, but what if you could earn money for promoting our brand just by using a phone without leaving your house? Seems convenient and kinda on point considering the current self isolation rules right….

Luckily, that’s exactly what we are offering! Becoming an All Barks ambassador is something we not only want to help promote our brand but to make sure everyone doing this gets rewarded for their efforts. So let us explain exactly how this works on our ambassador page.

We are offering you a 15% commission on every sale made on our website that is made using your own personalised discount code. That’s 15% of the total sale price we receive excluding any discounts, shipping fee’s & gst that will go straight into your pocket. Awesome right! To let that make even more sense, lets say someone you refer makes an order with your code and after all the above exclusions they spend $100, you make $15 of that sale. The more sales, the more money you make. We provide a weekly report of sales made each Monday (Tuesday if a public holiday) and we pay your commission on the Friday! Simple. Apply now.

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