Where it all began

In 2012, James embarked on a unique journey that would ultimately lead to the creation of All Barks, his own dog treat brand.

While navigating being an Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Consultant in Sydney, Australia, he found himself facing a practical frustration – the challenge of sourcing high-quality treats for his beloved Husky, Tintin. James, fuelled by a passion for canine well-being, began experimenting with homemade recipes, aiming to strike a balance between delicious flavours and nutritional value.

Growing the business with TinTin by his side, James understood the importance of wholesome ingredients. Armed with his vision of a healthy dog treat, he sought nutritional guidance from a friend in the health food industry, birthing the first batch of All Barks treats. Eager to turn his passion into reality, James crafted a business plan and, despite reservations, booked flights to connect with potential suppliers in pursuit of his dream.

The Journey

The grassroots journey of All Barks commenced with James showcasing his dog treats at local weekend farmers' markets across Sydney. The early days were challenging, marked by the grind of hard work and the occasional setback, but each sale and encounter with customers provided invaluable lessons. As James persisted, the brand began to flourish, evolving steadily over the years.

In the grateful pursuit of his dream adventure, James contemplates the profound purpose behind All Barks – a true reflection of his joy in personal pursuits and the dedication to producing premium, healthy dog treats and a range of quality dog products. All Barks, mirroring James' own transformative journey, signifies the relentless pursuit of happiness, the embrace of the unknown, and the gratification found in creating dog products that resonate with his passion. Beyond just treats, All Barks embodies a holistic commitment to bringing joy, health, and quality to not only dogs but also their owners, expanding the brand's impact across a spectrum of beloved dogs worldwide.

  • Gluten Free

    Every product is gluten and grain free avoiding any nasty filler ingredients.

  • No Chemicals

    We keep it natural with no nasty chemicals, additives or fillers.

  • Scientifically Formulated

    All recipes are formulated by Australian veterinary food technicians.

  • Government Certified

    Premium, high quality ingredients that are approved for peace of mind.

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