Collection: Taste of Australia Dog Treat Range

It’s time for dogs all around the world to benefit from All Barks. Our delicious taste of Australia dog treat range will provide an experience of what the Aussie outback can offer!

We use single source, Aussie proteins that boast a real meat content above 90% in every bag! This assists in giving dog’s health, a daily nutrition boost along. Plus, we add ingredients such as fish, kelp, spinach, vitamins, and minerals. We guarentee all ingredients are 100% Australian and responsibly source from licensed establishments that are government certified for peace of mind. We care about what we do and love providing your dog with the best, natural, Australia dog treats range.

  • Gluten Free

    Every product is gluten and grain free avoiding any nasty filler ingredients.

  • No Chemicals

    We keep it natural with no nasty chemicals, additives or fillers.

  • Scientifically Formulated

    All recipes are formulated by Australian veterinary food technicians.

  • Government Certified

    Premium, high quality ingredients that are approved for peace of mind.

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Our Dog Treat Journey

Explore the journey of our Australian dog treats brand All Barks. Founded by James in 2012, originally an Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Consultant from London, England. He moved to Sydney, Australia and crafted nutritious, flavoursome dog treats for his Husky, Tintin.

From local markets to global acclaim, All Barks reflects James' commitment to healthy dog treats with guilt free ingredients, creating joy for dogs worldwide.

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