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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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The Slow Feeder Dog Bowls are designed with multi grooves and crafted from high quality food grade silicone, offering dogs a fun, safe way to eat.

These slow feeder dog bowls feature multi grooves intended to slow dogs down when eating and provide a mental challenge too. This helps better digestion and mental stimulation. The grooves mimic the natural foraging process, encouraging dogs to consume their food at a slower pace. 

Available in 3 colours all designed to look amazing in your home. These also feature suction caps on the bottom for grip on any surface to stop movement when eating.

  • Light Grass Green
  • Barbie Pink
  • Light Yellow.

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Interactive slow-feeder dog bowls are an innovative solution for dogs that eat too quickly, merging functionality with mental stimulation. These dog bowls are specially designed to slow down your dog's eating pace, significantly aiding in digestion and reducing the risk of bloating, a common issue in fast-eating canines. The interactive element of these bowls turns mealtime into a challenging game, encouraging dogs to think and engage with their food in a more natural, foraging-like manner. This not only prolongs their eating time, promoting better digestion, but also provides essential mental stimulation, keeping them mentally sharp and entertained. Slow-feeder dog bowls are designed to make your dog work a bit harder for their food, which can lead to improved eating habits and greater satisfaction after meals. Additionally, these bowls can help in weight management, as they prevent overeating by making each meal last longer. By incorporating interactive dog bowls into your dogs routine, you're not just feeding them; you're also contributing to their overall health and well-being, making mealtime both fun and beneficial.

How to use

To be used as a slow feeder dog bowl. The purpose is to slow your dogs eating down and offer them a challenge to get all the food out from in-between the grooves. Makes meal time more challenging, can help relieve anxiety and and fun way to eat! Food can be spread on the top and pushed in-between the grooves.


Made with BPA Free, human-grade silicone. No toxic chemicals used.


Dishwasher safe. Can be cleaned by hand also using soap and a brush to get between the grooves.


20cm diameter with 3.5cm height. 340g weight.

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Healthy Eating Habits: Unraveling the Benefits of Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Interactive dog bowls and slow feeder products offer more than just a meal—they engage dogs mentally, preventing rapid eating and promoting better digestion. From innovative slow feeder dog bowls to interactive treat-dispensing toys, these products turn mealtime into a stimulating activity, enhancing both mental and physical well-being for your canine companion.

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From local markets to global acclaim, All Barks reflects James' commitment to healthy dog treats with guilt free ingredients, creating joy for dogs worldwide.

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