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Written by: James Newman



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Let's review our Mango Interactive Dog Toy 🎉

🐾 Unleashing Joy: A Pawsome Adventure with the Latest Interactive Dog Toy! 🐾

Embark on a tail-wagging journey as we delve into the world of innovative canine entertainment with the newest interactive dog toy that promises to elevate playtime to unprecedented heights. 

Designed to captivate your furry friend's attention and engage their boundless energy, this cutting-edge interactive dog toy brings a delightful blend of fun and mental stimulation.

Join us as we explore the features, durability, and overall impact of this exciting addition to the ever-expanding realm of interactive dog toy products. 

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Designed to offer a challenge during food/snack time for solutions in boredom, anxiety, mental challenges & general fun!

Dogs need to figure out how to get the food out via throwing, dropping, chewing or licking. Keeps them entertained and challenged! Perfect for freezing snacks and treats in the summer as well as using peanut butter, yoghurt or dog food daily. This interactive dog toy features a hole both ends for treats and the outside mango cuts are perfect for spreading peanut butter into the grooves.


  • Challenges your dog to work for their food.
  • Provides mental stimulation to get the treats out.
  • Helps with anxiety when left alone.
  • Provides a challenge with boredom in puppies.
  • We recommend using this product with dogs who love a challenge. 

Our Mango interactive dog toy is designed for figuring out the best way to retrieve treats, rather than just being used for chewing. We highly recommend using this product exclusively with food and not without. Once all the food has been consumed, simply take it away and clean it.

How To Use It:

To be used as a slow feeder toy and not as a chew dog toy. The purpose is for a mental challenge so your dog has to figure out how to get the food out, keep them entertained, relieve anxiety and have fun! Food can be spread on the top, treats inserted or both. We recommend filling the toy with food challenges and when finished, simply clean and put away for another time for product longevity.

What Material is the Mango Interactive Dog Toy Made From?

100% natural rubber that is non-toxic and BPA free.

How Do You Clean It?

Dishwasher safe. Can be cleaned by hand also using soap and a brush to get between the grooves.

What Size and Weight is it?

14cm length by 8.5cm width. 240g weight.

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Our interactive dog toy is a slow feeder product designed to mentally challenge your dog. It offers more than just a quick snack—they engage dogs mentally, preventing rapid eating and promoting better digestion. These innovative slow feeder dog toys turn treat time into a stimulating activity, enhancing both mental and physical well-being for your canine companion.

James from All Barks

The Author: James Newman

In 2012, James embarked on a unique journey that would ultimately lead to the creation of All Barks, his own dog treat brand.

While navigating being an Integrated Fitness & Nutrition Consultant in Sydney, Australia, he found himself facing a practical frustration – the challenge of sourcing high-quality treats for his beloved Husky, Tintin. James, fuelled by a passion for canine well-being, began experimenting with homemade recipes, aiming to strike a balance between delicious flavours and nutritional value.

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